Missing in Action

We have been unable to trace the whereabouts of the following SAGA members or ex-members ... any details you can provide would be most appreciated (email, phone, postal address, etc.)

Info can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alderson C.
Basson W.A.
Baybut H.S.
Carmichael S.S.
Cattermole P.A.
Coetzer G.L.
Dabrowski F.A.
Davies A.W.
Davis T.L.
De La Porte J.J.
De Olivera Marques M.F.
Dladla N.
Duncan I.
Duranti L.
Fahnenstich R.
Fortes G.D.D.
Francis A.M.
Glazer S.N.
Gumbi R J
Handley J.R.F.
Henthorn D.
Herold B.
Hoverston G.M.
Hughes J.K.
Hyde P.
Ilgner R.
Lekaunyane M.
Macha W.J.
Macleod I.N.
Makhabane J.L.
Martinelli G.L.
Matolo T.G.
Mertikas S.
Milner B.
Motshoeni T.S.
Mtseni T.S.
Mudaly K
Nichols E.
Pegler E.A.
Phetlhu B.
Roy J.
Simelane B.N.
Simon R E
Simpson I.
Steyn A.V.C
Swarts C.
Vaughan D.
Walker G
Wepener G.
Wiese J.C.
Wilkins C.F.
Woldetinsae G.
Woodborne M.W.